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Interleaved Inverted Triangles

Sunny flower

Vitis Flyer

Sunset in Key West Florida

Beauty in The Florida Keys

Mid-morning Hunting

Spring in Central Park

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Floral Perspective

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Feathered Friend

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Cypress Cone

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Free Flying


Antique Machinery

Amarillo Dawn

Brilliance in Black and White

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Oh Barnacles / Reclaimed Refuse

Blackberry Blossoms

Lone Buoy

Negative Illumination

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Nectar Navigator

Flower Fiesta

Beautiful Florida Afternoon

Shadows Move on Former Grandeur

Moss Slowly Grows

Denim Dimension

Stamens Erupting

Herbaceous Trichomes

Perspective on Palm



Sphere of Tension

Stroll the Boardwalk

March of the Crabs

Autumn: The Last of the Fall

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Mystical Mushroom

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Lone Pollinator

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